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Naturally Enhance Eyelash Growth with Latisse
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Many women desire fuller, longer, healthier-looking lashes. The question is how do we obtain the lookwithout destroying what we already have?With so many options on the market, what is truly the bestway to achieve the long eyelash goal?

Eyelash extensions have become a bit of a makeup craze, promising lush eyelashes that will make the men swoon and your friends jealous. Before you dash off to the local salon, there are some hidden truths you should know.Eyelash extensions are individual lashes made of synthetics, silk, or mink that are attached to yourexisting lashes. They are sold as a semi-permanent product. After spending on average $200 - $300 forthe procedure, you will leave looking like a beauty with long, lush, dazzling eyelashes. Make note,however, the instant gratification could get expensive. You?ll also want to keep your calendar open asyou will be re-filling your eyelash extensions at least two times per month, and on average you?ll pay$50 - $100. Even with your diligent pursuit in eyelash beauty, you risk damaging your natural eyelashes:as the extensions fall away, they can take your natural eyelashes along with them. Your goal of healthy,lush eyelashes may in the end leave you with patches of no eyelashes at all.

?Thankfully more options are available; I would not recommend extensions,? said Sara Fiedler, Expert Esthetician at the Body Garage Medical Spa in Sioux Falls. ?I highly recommend a lash growth product called Latisse. An enhancement of your natural lashes that will meet the goal of long luxurious eyelashes without the trauma of extensions.?

Latisse is an FDA-approved lash growth serum made by Allergan, the producers of Botox. If your lashes are in good health, you?ll more likely get better results with Latisse. One bottle comes with four months? worth of applications. Sara says that ?within the first 2 months, her patients notice their lashes have grown to an incredible length, and the next 2 months they begin to see a natural fullness that occurs at a fraction of the cost of eyelash extensions.?

Latisse is simple to use. Sara at The Body Garage Medical Spa recommends applying the product at night right before going to sleep. She suggests after cleansing your face, apply by simply dipping an applicator brush into the serum and wipe gently across the lash line where you would normally apply eye liner. The serum will slowly seep into the eyelashes during the night. And it?s super cost-effective ? a fraction of what you would pay for eyelash extensions. To cut expenses even further, after the first 4 months, apply every other night to keep that growth momentum going. Another win ? if you have natural pigment in your lashes, Latisse may darken your natural lash.

Each box of Latisse is reasonably priced at around $120.00 and will last up to 2 months. It comes with the serum, a dropper, and two brushes. Latisse is a prescription, so a brief consultation is required prior to your first use. Once that occurs, each purchase of the product requires your signed consent. The Body Garage is a Medical Spa overseen by board-certified plastic surgeons, thus the product can be purchased onsite with no pharmacy visit. Your expected out-of-pocket expense is $200-300 for the initial visit and purchase of a Latisse kit, with an investment of about $120 every two months.

Sara says, ?With any medical product there are potential risks.? Patients should be aware of a warning called brown flap. ?It has never happened in my medical spa; however, since Latisse has 5% Lumigan, I mention it as there is a potential risk.? Lumigan, when dropped directly in the eye, has a history of changing the color of the iris. Sara advises that ?Since Latisse only has 5% Lumigan and is applied topically, it?s not an issue she has seen. However, a small percentage of patients have experienced a darkening on the skin where the Latisse is applied. This is not permanent and goes away after the user stops applying Latisse.?

Another option for eyelash beauty is lash tinting. Sara offers tinting at the Body Garage Medical Spa. ?It gives my patients a convenient alternative to wearing mascara.? This is a great option if you like to be in the water in the summer or if you are someone who perspires a lot in the summer heat. Eyelash extensions can come loose in the swimming pool, and we all know what a little water can do to our perfectly applied morning mascara. Lash tinting eliminates that issue.

If you desire fuller, longer, healthy and natural looking eyelashes, Latisse may be the best option. Now you can have the lush eyelashes you crave without weekly visits to the salon and without the fear of losing your natural eyelashes.

Call today to schedule a free consultation with Sara Fiedler, Esthetician at the Body Garage Medical Spa in Sioux Falls 605.334.2443.

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